Post-Op Lymphatic Drainage Massage

What is a Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

Lymphatic drainage massage, also called manual lymph drainage was created with the intention to treat lymphedema. There is often swelling caused by accumulated fluid after surgically removing lymph nodes, which frequently occurs during mastectomy surgeries. Various other conditions cause lymphedema as a secondary symptom, so it is always best to consult with the health professionals at Internal Beauty Med Spa about the best course of action for your condition.

Our team of experts can accurately diagnose the cause of your condition and administer Lymphatic Drainage massages to help alleviate your condition. The team at Internal Beauty Med Spa has helped so many of our patients relieve their pain and stress following an operation and we can help you too!

The massage consists of the manual application of pressure and methodic movements to encourage the flow of the underlying lymphatic system. By conducting a series of precise movements, our specialists can help to restore efficient drainage and restore your lymphatic system.

The Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage Massage

The precise movements in this massage help remove metabolic waste, retained water, various toxins and bacteria, as well as accumulations of large protein molecules from the tissues. Other benefits of lymphatic drainage are as follows:

  • Helps alleviate pain by calming nerves and receptors responsible for pain
  • Helps to relax the sympathetic nervous system, relieving stress
  • Reinforces and enhances the response of your immune system.
  • Assists with post-operative healing time
  • Helps prevent scar formation

Why Is Lymphatic Drainage Massage Important?

The lymphatic system is a complex network made up mostly of nodes and lymph vessels working together to achieve these aims. A functioning lymphatic system is incredibly important to the body’s ability to:

  • Regenerate tissues
  • Drain fluids
  • Filter out foreign substances and toxins
  • Maintain a healthy immune system

The ‘lymph’ running throughout your body carries a mixture of fatty acids, hormones, immune cells, proteins, and toxins to be processed by the lymph nodes. When the body is under stress from other health concerns, such as chronic fatigue, fighting infections, or recovering from surgery, the process may become inefficient or slowed.

Lymphatic drainage massage benefits include enhanced quality of the skin, especially around the forehead, eyes, and cheeks. That puffiness you might experience under and around your eyes is due to improper lymphatic drainage that is accumulating.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage Therapy in Greenbelt, Maryland

If you have undergone a surgical procedure that has compromised your lymphatic system, or you frequently experience puffy and congested nodes, the team at Internal Beauty Med Spa can help you! Call our offices or schedule a consultation online today to take the first step towards treatment!



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